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покер сайты для игры на деньги

Покер сайты для игры на деньги

The game had its challenges on a commercial level, not least its CPI (Cost Per Install) being too high for a hypercasual game.

But we knew that the game had potential to engage people, which gave us confidence that these problems could be overcome. The beauty of hypercasual is that you should be able to do this fairly quickly. If you do feel that you have something to build on, then read on. That was certainly the case with Rocket Sky. In an attempt to reduce покер сайты для игры на деньги, we began by testing a number of changed visuals in video ads: new animations, rocket skins, effects and more.

Moving the meters from the top of the screen to the rocket made for not only a cleaner UI, but it also made the whole game more dynamic. We were still building up our покер сайты для игры на деньги team when we began сильный заговор на крупный выигрыш work on Rocket Sky. We work on content updates together fairly often and also discuss new game ideas.

For your games, you should aim for this same sense of openness with your teammates or your publisher. And if you think your game could become the next hypercasual hit, learn more about publishing with us here to get started on your journey to the top покер сайты для игры на деньги the charts.

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